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Established in 2017, Empire Pools Sdn Bhd (1384094 – P) is very committed and always give the positive impact in realizing customer’s dream and fulfil all their demands.


Our company’s Director, En. Zul Helmi Bin Mohamad Shafie has the knowledge and skills in Civil Engineering. He has a lot of experiences in creating, repairing and decorating any types of swimming pools. Besides that, he also has the knowledge about service and maintenance of the swimming pools. By using all of his experience, En. Zul Helmi decided to run a “bumiputera” company which is Eco Star Empire to compete with other companies with the same business. In addition, he is very confidence that Empire Pools Sdn Bhd can give the best quality product and services in creating the new swimming pools for our customers or clients in future.


Goals for this company is want to improves and give the best quality of services while competing with other companies in Malaysia. Empire Pools Sdn Bhd also intend to increase our efforts to maximize the customer satisfaction in all aspects which is management, maintenance and time. In seeking this advantage, Empire Pools Sdn Bhd give the priority to our customer’s needs and always keep improving our ability to complete the projects within the agreed time with customers or clients.

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