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We will create, design and repaired swimming pools based on what customers or client needs. Besides that, we also provide services related with swimming pools in terms of maintenance as well as improvements to existing pool systems. Some of our customer’s problems are they do not know the brand of equipment that they can use to decorate and beautify their pool landscape. So, we always do some researches of the existing equipment and we will give suggestion to them related to their expectations.

Empire Pools Sdn Bhd will fulfil every promise that we have made to you. We will certify that each of our designs is built by trusted and experienced workers from our team. Eco Star Empire will ensure our work can be visualized as good as our customer expectations.

Our Team


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This is definitely one of the best companies out there, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for fast quality services at affordable cost. Thanks for the amazing technical support and quality design!

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It has been great working with your technical support and amazing people who know what they do. All my questions and requests were addressed effective immediately, and I am so grateful for your service!

Client 2


Being able to swim in a luxury swimming pool at your own place is amazing! And I know for sure that the quality of service and technical experience of your company is the best. Thank you for everything!

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